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Cecilia - Cicely

.. where it was commonly spelled Cecily .. [C'Ceal, Cacelia, Cecely, Cecette, Cecile, Cecilee, Ceciliane, Cecilla, Cecille, Cecily, .. 79 more]

"Blind; sixth." From the medieval vernacular form of .. [Cicely, .. 4 more]

.. English variant of Cecily and Cecilia .. [Cecile, Cecily, Cis, Sissie, .. 5 more]

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1. Cecilia - Cicely
Cecilia [Sissy, Siseel, Sisile, Sisely, Sissie, Siselya, Sissela, Sisiliya, ..], Cecily [Cilly, Sissy, Sessy, Cicely, Sicili], Cicely [Cis, Sis, Sissy, Cissy, Cecily, Sissie, Cissie, Sisley]