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Celena - Selina

"The moon." Goddess of the moon, later identified .. [Selina, Saleena, Celeena, .. 8 more]

Variant of Celia or Selena .. [Seline, Celinna, Celinda, Celine, Celena, .. 10 more]

Of uncertain origin .. [Sylina, Selena, Celena, Calina, .. 14 more]

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1. Celena - Selina
Celena [Cesia, Cesya, Selina, Selena, Salina, Salena, Saleena, Celinka, ..], Celina [Seline, Selena, Selinde, Selinda, Salinde, Salinda, Celinna, Celinde, ..], Selina [Sena, Sylina, Sylena, Selyne, Selyna, Selena, Syleena, Selenia, ..]