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Chelle - Nelsey

.. short form of Chelsea and Michelle .. [Lachelle]

"Chalk landing place." .. songs like Joni Mitchell's "Chelsea Morning" .. [Chessie, Chelsy, Chelsie, Chelsee, Chels, Chellsie, Chelese, Chele, Chelcy, .. 22 more]

.. a variant of Chelsea and Ashley. [Chessli, Chessley, Chesli, Cheslie, Chesley, Cheslea, .. 3 more]

.. by names like Chelsea and Casey. [Kelsy, Kelsie, Kelseigh, Kelsee, Kelsea, Kellsey, .. 7 more]

Kelsey or Chelsea with an N .. [Nelsy, Nelsie, Nellsie, .. 5 more]

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1. Chelle - Nelsey
Chelle [Lachelle], Chelsea [Chesea, Chelsy, Chelsi, Chessie, Cheslee, Chelsie, Chelsia, Chelsey, ..], Chesleigh [Chesli, Chessli, Cheslie, Chesley, Cheslea, Chesslie, Chessley, Chesslea], Kelsey [Kelsy, Kelsi, Kelsa, Kelsie, Kelsee, Kelsea, Kellsie, Kelseigh, ..], Nelsey [Nelsy, Nelsie, Nelsea, Nellsie, Nellsey, Nellsea, Nelseigh, Nellseigh]