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Cherish baby names and what they mean, for cherish.

Cher - Cherish

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Top 2000 baby names ranking of Cherish names: Cher, Cherish

Short form of Cheryl used as .. [Chere, Cherey, Cheri, Cherice, Cherie, Cherish, Cherrie, Cherry, Cherye, Cherylee, .. 12 more]

"To treasure and care for; dear." .. and the word "cherish" from Old .. [Charish, Cheerish, Cherrish, .. 3 more]

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1. Cher - Cherish
Cher b [Sher, Sheri, Sherie, Sherry, Sherey, Sherice, Sheryll, Sherelle, ..], Cherish [Cherysh, Charish, Charisha, Cherishe, Cherrish, Cheerish]