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Adesina - Taylor

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Top 2000 baby names ranking of Children names: Celeste, Eloise, Fatima, Giselle, Harriet

.. be the first of many children.

Familiar from the children's song, Alouette .. [Allouette, .. 2 more]

.. a popular series of children's books .. [Bedeelia, .. 2 more]

.. Laurent de Brunhoff's children's book character .. [Cela, Celesley, Celest, Celesta, Celestina, Celestine, Celestyna, Celine, Celyna, Salestia, .. 36 more]

.. in Kay Thompson's books for children. [Aloysia, Heloise, .. 6 more]

.. his only child to bear children .. [Fateema, Fateemah, Fatmah, .. 2 more]

.. named his twin children Faustus and .. [Fausta, Fauste, .. 1 more]

.. common practice for children to be .. [Ghisele, Giselda, Gisella, Gislaug, Gislog, Gizela, .. 10 more]

.. is a well known children's book .. [Halle, Hatsee, Hatty, .. 13 more]

.. Johanna Spyri's beloved children's novel "Heidi" .. [Haidee, Heida, Heide, .. 4 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Children names: Heidi, Linnea, Madeline, Nana, Nevaeh

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Children names: Ramona, Scarlett, Tanisha, Taylor

.. popular series of children's books by .. [Lenae, Linnaea, .. 7 more]

.. Ludwig Bemelmann's children's books had a .. [Dalanna, Madalene, Maddelena, Maddie, Madelaine, Madeleine, Madelina, Madena, Madlen, Madlyn, .. 53 more]

.. or person who looks after children.

.. names used for children, bringing us ..

.. of Thebes whose children were killed ..

.. this name to children born at .. [Pascalette, Pascha, .. 6 more]

.. popular series of children's books of .. [Mona, Ramie, Ramonde, Ramowna, Remona, Remonna, Romonda, Romonia, .. 9 more]

.. of Mick Jagger's children with Jerry .. [Scarlet, .. 2 more]

.. day name for children born on .. [Taneesha, Tanesha, Tannicia, Tanniece, Tinecia, Tiniesha, .. 9 more]

.. Beautiful", "All My Children", and "Melrose .. [Tahlor, Tailor, .. 1 more]

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1. Adesina - Taylor
Adesina, Alouette [Alowette, Alouetta, Allouette], Bedelia [Delia, Bidella, Bedeelia], Celeste b [Tina, Tinka, Silestia, Silestena, Silestyna, Silestyne, Silestina, Silestijna, ..], Eloise b [Ellie, Elois, Eloyse, Eloisa, Aloysia, Elouisa, Elouise, Heloise], Fatima [Fatma, Fatmah, Fateema, Fatimah, Fateemah], Faustine [Fausta, Fauste, Faustina], Giselle b [Giza, Gisele, Gislog, Gizela, Gisella, Gislaug, Gizella, Gizelle, ..], Harriet b [Hat, Hatty, Hatsy, Hatsee, Hatsie, Hatsey, Hattie, Harriotte, ..], Heidi [Hydee, Heida, Heidy, Heide, Haidee, Heidee, Heidey], Linnea b [Linea, Linna, Lynae, Lynea, Lynnae, Linnae, Lynnea, Linnaea], Madeline b [Maud, Maude, Marlen, Marleen, Marlena, Marline, Marlyne, Marlene, ..], Nana, Nevaeh, Niobe, Pascale b [Pascha, Pascua, Pascalle, Paschale, Pascuala, Pashelle, Pascaline, Pascalette], Ramona b [Remona, Romona, Ramowna, Ramonna, Romonde, Remonna, Romonia, Romonda, ..], Scarlett [Scarlet, Scarletta, Scarlette], Tanisha b [Tenicia, Tanysha, Tynisha, Tinecia, Tanniece, Tannisha, Teneesha, Tiniesha, ..], Taylor [Tahlor, Tailor, Tayler]

2. Xuxa - Zilpha
Xuxa, Zilpha [Zylpha, Zilpah, Zillpha]