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Claire - Clorinda

"Bright, famous." .. actresses Clara Bow, Claire Bloom, Claire .. [Searra, Klyara, Klaire, Clorinda, Clayrissa, Clayrette, Claryce, Clarry, Claritza, Clarisse, .. 51 more]

Post classical name from the feminine .. [Klarra, Clarrie, Claritza, Clarine, Clarina, Clarice, Claretha, Claire, .. 13 more]

.. derived from Chloris, Claire or Chloe. [Clora, .. 1 more]

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1. Claire - Clorinda
Claire [Seara, Searra, Klyara, Kliara, Klayre, Klaryce, Klarissa, Klaretta, ..], Clara [Klara, Klarra, Clarry, Clarrie, Clarita, Clarizza, Claritza, Clarissa, ..], Clorinda [Clora, Chlorinda]