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Claudia - Klaudia

"Lame." .. Actresses Claudette Colbert, Claudia Cardinale; model .. [Klodia, Klavdiya, Claudetta, Claudelle, Claudella, Claudee, .. 15 more]

.. poet Catullus, a variant of Claudia.

Variant of Claudia, used by the .. [Gwyladyss, Gwladys, .. 7 more]

Variant of Claudia.

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1. Claudia - Klaudia
Claudia [Klava, Klodia, Clodia, Claudy, Klaudie, Klaudia, Klavdiya, Claudine, ..], Clodagh, Gladys [Gladi, Gladis, Gwladys, Gwladus, Gladyss, Gladdys, Gladdis, Gwyladyss], Klaudia