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Baby Names associated with Color for Girls

Color baby names and what they mean, for color.

pinAfra - Tawny

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Color names: Amber, Candida, Coral, Ebony, Ivory

Afra 1 .. Stems fr. Hebrew, Arabic elements. "color of earth." Outside Top 1000. [Affera, .. 3 more]

Amber 2 .. to describe the gem's golden color .. Common as surnames, and Amber (top 21%), Ambereen, Amberetta are comparable to common surname Ambers (top 20%), which also begins with Ambe-. [Ambar, .. 4 more]

Azure 3 .. The color, from azul. Suitable for .. Less common today. Azul was the version last listed (2010) in the Top 1000. [Azor, Azora, Azurine, Azzurra, .. 4 more]

Beige 4 .. .. name, from the color, which comes .. Beige is rare as a women's name. See also Becke.

Candida 5 .. The color was associated by Christians .. Candy (upper 13%), Candida (27%), Candi (31%) and Candie (52%) are recognizable as women's names, while Candide and Candido are scantly used. [Candi, .. 4 more]

Cinnabar 6 .. a deep brownish red in color. Cinnabar is an unconventional feminine name.

Cloudy 7 .. a baby's skin color, or to .. Caldy, Cloucy and Clydy are kreatif variations.

Coral 8 .. .. deep pink to red in color .. Uncommon, with the androgynous -al suffix for Coral, Koral like Cindal. [Coralee, Koral, Koralie, Koralline, .. 9 more]

Ebony 9 .. .. Egyptian origin known for its color .. Somewhat frequently used as girls' names, Ebony, Eboni, etc. are comparable to the familiar Evon. [Ebboney, Ebo, Eboni, Ebonney, .. 9 more]

Fuchsia 10 .. given their name to the color .. Not Top 1000 names. [Fusha]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Color names: Lakeisha, Tawny

Hyacinth 11 .. .. flower and a color that ranges .. Hyacinth, Cinthia, Jacinda, Jacinta and Jackie are generally used as variant forms. [Cintha, Cinthia, Cinthie, Cinthy, Giacinta, Hyacinthe, Hyacinthie, Jacintha, .. 11 more]

Ivory 12 .. Origin fr. Latin. "Creamy white color; hard tusk used .. ." Ivory is widely used as a form. [Ivoreen, .. 2 more]

Lakeisha 13 .. free people of color in Louisiana .. Lakeesha, Lakeshia and Lakisha are familiar as versions of Lakeisha. [Lakeesha, Lakecia, Laketia, Lakeysha, Lakicia, Lakitia, Lekeesha, Lekeisha, .. 6 more]

Mauve 14 .. .. use of "mauve" as a color. Not in popularity charts. [Malva]

Mazarine 15 .. Color name: a deep blue. Probably .. Not that prominent as a children's name. [Mazine]

Orange 16 Name of the fruit and color. Outside Top 1000. [Orangetta, Orangina, .. 1 more]

Oriole 17 .. .. of a bird with golden colors. Oriole, Oreolle, etc. are rarely found as feminine names. [Auriel, Oreolle, Oriella, Oriola, Oriolle, .. 1 more]

Saffron 18 .. a bright orange yellow color dye .. Saffron, Saffran, etc. are not often used as birth names. [Saffran, Saffronia, Saphron, .. 1 more]

Taja 19 .. .. the meaning "silver and yellow color". Uncommon, with the androgynous-sounding -ja ending for Taja, Taija like Tanja. [Taija, Tajah, Tajanee, .. 5 more]

Tawny 20 .. .. the warm sandy color of a .. Somewhat widely used as children's names, Tawni, Tawny, etc. are comparable to the common Tammi. [Tahnee, Tawney, Tawnee, Tawnya, .. 6 more]

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Summary of Color names (and variants) for girls.

Afra - Tawny
Afra [Aphra, Affra, Affera, Affery], Amber [Ambur, Ambre, Ambar, Ambereen, Amberetta], Azure [Azul, Azor, Azura, Azora, Azuree, Azzura, Azurine, Azzurra], Beige, Candida [Candi, Candy, Candie, Candido, Candide], Cinnabar, Cloudy, Coral [Koral, Coraly, Korall, Koralie, Coralyn, Coralyne, Coralline, Koralline, ..], Ebony [Eboni, Ebonie, Eboney, Ebonni, Ebonny, Ebonyi, Ebonney, Ebonique, ..], Fuchsia [Fusha], Hyacinth [Jacky, Jackie, Jacinta, Jacenta, Jacynth, Jacinda, Jacinthe, Jacintha, ..], Ivory [Ivorie, Ivoreen, Ivorine], Lakeisha [Lekisha, Lakisha, Lakicia, Lakitia, Lakiesha, Laquisha, Lekeisha, Lekeesha, ..], Mauve [Malva], Mazarine [Mazine], Orange [Orangia, Orangina, Orangetta], Oriole [Oriel, Auriel, Oriola, Oreolle, Oriella, Oriolle], Saffron [Saffren, Saphron, Saffran, Saffronia], Taja [Taji, Taija, Tajah, Tajia, Taisha, Tajanee, Tajiana, Tajanae], Tawny [Tawna, Tawni, Tawnie, Tawnee, Tawney, Tawnya, Tawnia, ..]

Teal - Turkessa
Teal [Teil, Teall, Teill, Teela, Teille, Tealle], Turkessa [Turkissa, Turquessa, Turkwessa, Turquissa]