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Arethusa - Parthenope

.. avoid a fate worse than death.

.. the stars after death, and there .. [Kassiopia, Cassiopia, .. 1 more]

Derivative of Old German. "Battle to the death." Elaborated feminine form of Ernest, created in the 19 .. [Ernice, Ernesztina, Ernesta, Ernaline, Erna, .. 4 more]

.. chosen, after Muhammad's death, to be .. [Hafza, .. 2 more]

.. grief after the deaths of her .. [Marra, Maraline, Maralinda, .. 4 more]

.. to lure Odysseus to his death ..

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Summary Index of Death names [and variants] for girls.

1. Arethusa - Parthenope
Arethusa, Cassiopeia [Kassiopia, Cassiopia, Kassiopeia], Ernestine [Erna, Ernice, Ernesha, Ernesta, Ernaline, Ernestina, Ernestyna, Ernesztina], Hafsa [Hafza, Hafsah, Hafswa], Mara [Mari, Marra, Mahra, Marah, Maraline, Maralina, Maralinda], Parthenope