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Corisande - Dionne

.. title given to Diane de Poitiers .. [Corrisande, .. 2 more]

.. Carroll, Dyan Cannon, Diane Keaton, Diane .. [Dyanne, Dyanna, Dyana, Dyan, Didi, Dianna, Diane, Diahna, Di, Deeane, .. 24 more]

.. for the French pronunciation of Diane .. [Dionna, .. 9 more]

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Summary Index of Diane names [and variants] for girls.

1. Corisande - Dionne
Corisande [Corisanda, Corrisande, Corissande], Diana [Didi, Dyan, Dyann, Dyane, Dyana, Dyanne, Dyanna, Dianne, ..], Dionne [Dion, Dione, Diona, Dionna, Dionis, Deonne, Diondra, Dionetta, ..]