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Dodie - Dory

.. of Dora and Dorothy (Greek) gift .. [Dody, Dodi, Dodee, .. 2 more]

Short form of Dorothy. American First .. [Dollie, Dolley, .. 1 more]

Short form of Dorothy or names .. [Dory, Dorinda, Dorie, Doria, Doretta, Dorelia, Doralina, Doraleene, Doralee, Dorah, .. 26 more]

.. variant of Doris, Dorothy, and Theodora. [Dory, Dorienne, Dorian, .. 7 more]

"Gift of God." .. Writers Dorothy Parker, Dorothy Sayers; actresses .. [Thea, Dottie, Dory, Dorotha, Dorota, Doronit, Doretta, Doortje, Dolli, Doll, .. 30 more]

Diminutive of Dorothy. Probably comes from .. [Doritt, .. 1 more]

Short form of Dorothy and Isadora.

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Summary Index of Dorothy names [and variants] for girls.

1. Dodie - Dory
Dodie [Dody, Dodi, Doda, Dodey, Dodee], Dolly [Dollie, Dolley, Dollee], Dora [Dory, Dorie, Dorrie, Dorita, Dorine, Dorina, Dorlisa, Dorinda, ..], Doria [Dory, Dorria, Dorrian, Doriane, Doriana, Dorienne, Dorianne, Dorianna, ..], Dorothy [Tea, Dot, Thea, Dotty, Dosya, Dosha, Dottie, Dottey, ..], Dorrit [Doritt, Dorita], Dory