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Eleanor - Ellen

From an Old French respelling of .. [Norina, Nora, Leora, Leonora, Lenora, Leanora, Helene, Heleanor, Enora, Elora, Elen, .. 67 more]

"Sun ray." .. The Welsh word elen means "nymph" .. [Elin]

Variant of Elen, from Helen. In ..

Originally a variant of Helen, but .. [Nelly, Nellie, Elynn, Elyn, Elleen, Elenyi, Elen, .. 20 more]

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1. Eleanor - Ellen
Eleanor [Nore, Nora, Norah, Nelly, Nelli, Norina, Nonnie, Nellie, ..], Elen [Elin], Elin, Ellen [Nell, Elyn, Elon, Elly, Nelly, Elynn, Ellyn, Nellie, ..]