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Adelaide - Elke

From adal heid, via French Adé .. [Laidey, Elke, Delly, Della, Del, Alline, Aliosha, Aline, Aide, Ado, .. 48 more]

Variant of the Old French name .. [Lyssa, Lissa, Leece, Ilysa, Illyssa, Elsa, Ellissa, Elke, Alyss, Alyson, .. 92 more]

"Noble." .. Actress Elke Sommer. [Ilka, Ellke, .. 2 more]

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1. Adelaide - Elke
Adelaide [Lady, Elke, Heidi, Eline, Delly, Delli, Laidey, Edeline, ..], Alice [Lyssa, Lissa, Licha, Leese, Leece, Lichah, Ilysse, Ilyssa, ..], Elke [Ilka, Elka, Ellke, Elkie]