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Emerald baby names and what they mean, with 4 results.

Emerald - Meralda

"Precious gemstone." Emerald is the birthstone for May .. [Esmeralda, Emeraldina, .. 4 more]

Variant of Emerald, influenced by Emma.

Based on Spanish element. "Emerald." .. and is more common than Emerald .. [Smeralda, Ezzie, Ezmeralda, Esmaria, Emerant, Emerald, Emmie, .. 14 more]

Based on Latin language. "Emerald." Short form of Esmeralda.

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Summary Index of Emerald names [and variants] for girls.

1. Emerald - Meralda
Emerald [Em, Emeralda, Emeraude, Emmarald, Esmeralda, Emeraldina], Emmarald, Esmeralda [Lala, Lolly, Ezzie, Marilda, Smeralda, Esmiralde, Ezmeralda, Esmirelda, ..], Meralda


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