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Amelia - Emily

The Latin Emilia (see Emily) and .. [Milly, Millie, Melia, Emilia, Emelina, Amelyta, Amelyne, Ameliya, Amelita, Ameline, .. 37 more]

.. variant spelling for Amelia or Emilia. [Amilya, Amiliya, .. 1 more]

"Rival; laborious; eager." From the Roman clan name Aemilius .. [Melia, Emilyah, Em, .. 1 more]

.. a translation of Emilia, the form .. [Milly, Milka, Emylee, Emyle, Emmilie, Emmie, Emmi, Emmelyne, Emmelee, Emmaleigh, Emilia, .. 64 more]

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1. Amelia - Emily
Amelia [Mali, Milly, Melia, Malia, Millie, Meline, Meelia, Malika, ..], Amilia [Amilya, Amillia, Amiliya], Emilia [Em, Melia, Emilyah, Emiliana], Emily [Emmy, Milly, Milka, Emyle, Emmye, Emylee, Emmlee, Emmily, ..]