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Amelia - Ima

Blend of two medieval names .. [Milly, Malia, Mali, Emmie, Emma, Emilia, Emelita, Em, Amilia, Amelyta, .. 37 more]

.. of Emily, Amelia, Emma and Emmeline .. [Milly, Emmye, Emmy, Emmie, Emmalyn, Emlynn, Emilley, Emille, Emiley, Emelyne, .. 65 more]

"Entire, universal." .. the Jane Austen romance novel "Emma" .. [Ima, Emmot, Emmette, Emmalynn, Emmalee, Emeline, .. 22 more]

Variant of Emerald, influenced by Emma.

Variant of Emma, and also influenced .. [Emmalyn, Emmaline, Emelina, .. 1 more]

Pet form of Emma and Emily. [Emmysue, .. 2 more]

.. universal", found in Emma, and traut " .. [Trudy, Imtrud, Irmentrud, Ermentraud, Ermengard, .. 2 more]

Variant of Emma.

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1. Amelia - Ima
Amelia [Mali, Milly, Melia, Malia, Millie, Meline, Meelia, Malika, ..], Emily [Emmy, Milly, Milka, Emyle, Emmye, Emylee, Emmlee, Emmily, ..], Emma [Ima, Emmy, Emmi, Emmye, Emmot, Emmie, Emmott, Emmylou, ..], Emmarald, Emmeline [Emmalyn, Emeline, Emelina, Emmaline], Emmy [Emmysue, Emmylou, Emmyjane], Ermintrude [Trudy, Imtrud, Irmtraud, Irmentrud, Ermengard, Ermyntrude, Ermentraud], Ima