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Adela - Leonie

.. popular in medieval Europe because of .. [Adalia, Adelia, Adella, Adellah, Adelle, Edelle, .. 5 more]

.. Popular in Eastern Europe in honor .. [Ana, Anastaise, Anastase, Anastasie, Anastassia, Anastatia, Anastazia, Anasztaizia, Anasztasia, Anna, .. 37 more]

.. swell native to Europe with large .. [Brioni, .. 2 more]

.. American girl in Europe as Daisy .. [Daisee, Daisey, Dasie, Daysi, Deyse, .. 4 more]

.. In medieval Europe, it was a .. [Ghisele, Ghisella, Gig, Gisa, Giselda, Gislaug, Gizelle, .. 8 more]

.. popular in medieval Europe and many .. [Aileen, Aleanor, Alene, Eileen, Eilidh, Elaina, Elaine, Elayne, Eleni, Elenora, .. 76 more]

.. French form more popular in Europe .. [Leeona, Leoine, Leone, Leonia, Leonie, Leontine, .. 6 more]

.. more popular in Europe than Leona .. [Leonda, Leondrea, Leoni, Leonie, Leontine, .. 5 more]

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Summary Index of Europe names [and variants] for girls.

1. Adela - Leonie
Adela [Adell, Adele, Adelia, Adella, Edelle, Adelle, Adelita, Adellah, ..], Anastasia [Tasa, Staz, Tasya, Tasia, Tasja, Taisie, Tasiya, Tasenka, ..], Bryony [Brioni, Briony, Bryonie], Daisy [Dasie, Daisi, Deysi, Daizy, Deyse, Daysi, Daisey, Daisie], Giselle [Giza, Gisele, Gislog, Gizela, Gisella, Gislaug, Gizella, Gizelle, ..], Helen [Nora, Nell, Nelly, Yelena, Nellie, Nonnie, Nelliana, Nellette, ..], Leona [Leone, Leola, Leonia, Leonie, Leowna, Leontyne, Leonelle, Leontine, ..], Leonie [Leone, Leoni, Leonie, Leonine, Leonela, Leondrea, Leonline, Leontine, ..]