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Leila - Zara

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Top 2000 baby names ranking of Exotic names: Leila, Theda, Zara

.. the names of exotic female characters .. [Laila, Lelah, Lilah, .. 9 more]

.. Exotic silent film celebrity Theda Bara. [Theida, Theta, .. 1 more]

.. name often used for exotic characters .. [Zaira, Zarah, Zarina, Zayra, .. 6 more]

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1. Leila - Zara
Leila b [Lyla, Lila, Lela, Lelah, Leyla, Lelia, Lilah, Leilah, ..], Theda [Theta, Thida, Theida], Zara b [Zary, Zayra, Zaria, Zariah, Zarina, Zarria, Zayeera, Zarinda, ..]