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Asteria - Frances

.. whom Zeus took a fancy to ..

Fancy name from evangelium, the term .. [Engie, Eva, Evangelyn, Vangy, .. 10 more]

"Imagination, fantasy." Can also mean an unusual idea ..

Feminine of Francis .. [Fan, Fancy, Fanechka, Francee, Francene, Francette, Francey, Fransabelle, Franzi, Franziska, .. 36 more]

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1. Asteria - Frances
Asteria, Evangeline [Eve, Evie, Vangy, Vangie, Evangelyn, Ewangelina, Evangelista, Evangeliste, ..], Fancy, Frances [Franzi, Franny, Fronia, Frannie, Franzetta, Franziska, Fransabella, Fransabelle, ..]