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Ana - Marian

From Hebrew. "Favored grace." Spanish variant of Anne .. [Anka, Anarosa, .. 6 more]

Derivative of Hebrew word. "He (God) has favored me." A diminutive form of Ann ..

.. or Andreas, much favored for blended .. [Onndria, Ohndreea, Aondrea, Andri, Andrewina, Andresa, Andrel, Andre, Andere, .. 43 more]

Based on Polish, Slavic languages. "He (God) has favored me." Diminutive of Anna and different spelling .. [Aniyah, .. 1 more]

Stems fr. Hebrew word. "He (God) has favored me." The name refers to "grace" .. [Annie]

From Hebrew. "He (God) has favored me." A name favored by royalty and .. [Onie, Nonie, Ninon, Nettia, Nanine, Nanci, Nance, Hanny, Hanka, Asya, .. 86 more]

From Hebrew language. "He (God) has favored me." Latinate variant of Hannah .. [Nani, Anouska, Annmarie, Annica, Annet, Annabeth, Ann, .. 12 more]

From French, Hebrew languages. "He (God) has favored me." French pet form of Ann .. [Nettie, Annetta, Annett, Anetta, Anett, Anet, .. 3 more]

From Hebrew word. "He (God) has favored me." German variant of Ann.

Based on Hebrew language. "He (God) has favored me." Russian diminutive of Anna, from Hannah .. [Inya, Anja, Ania, Aanya, .. 1 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Favored names: Ana, Andrea, Ania, Ann, Anna

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Favored names: Anne, Annette, Anya, Carla, Chana

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Favored names: Hannah, Hope, Janae, Kaylee, Kiana

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Favored names: Mari, Marian

.. Much favored in name blends with .. [Karlla, Carlyse, Carlyn, Carlonda, Carlise, Carlisa, Carlin, Carlicia, Carli, Carley, .. 33 more]

Source fr. Hebrew word. "He (God) has favored me." Variant of Hannah .. [Channa, Chani, Chanah, Chanach, Chaanah, Chaanach]

Root fr. Hebrew. "He (God) has favored me." Variant of Ann, Anne and Anna .. [Nanny, Nanney, Nan, Hena, Hannelore, Hanalee, Hanah, Anna, .. 17 more]

.. was favored for sisters by Puritans .. [Esperance]

Stems fr. Hebrew. "He (God) has favored me." Greek variant of Hannah. [Yohanna, Ioana, .. 3 more]

A favored contemporary variant of Jan .. [Jinnea, Jinae, Jennaya, Jennae, Jenee, Jenae, Jeanae, Janah, .. 14 more]

.. ley ending, much favored in spelling .. [Kaylley, Kaylie, Kaylea, Kaleigh, Kaili, Kailee, Cayley, .. 20 more]

May be a favored prefix name .. [Quianna, Kioni, Kiona, Kiauna, Keona, .. 12 more]

Also a favored prefix for blending .. [Marycruz, Marita, Marilene, Marilena, Maribeth, .. 5 more]

.. (Hebrew) "He (God) has favored me" .. [Maryanne, Maryann, Mariane, Mariana, Mariam, .. 1 more]

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Summary Index of Favored names [and variants] for girls.

1. Ana - Marian
Ana [Anka, Anica, Analee, Analena, Anarosa, Analeigh, Anamarie, Anamaria], Ancina, Andrea [Ondrea, Ondria, Ohndria, Onndrea, Ondreea, Onndria, Ohndreea, Onndreea, ..], Ania [Aniya, Aniyah], Ann [Annie], Anne [Oni, Nita, Onie, Nona, Ninor, Nonie, Ninon, Ninoshka, ..], Anna [Nani, Annet, Hania, Annica, Annika, Anoesj, Anouska, Annmarie, ..], Annette [Anet, Anett, Anetta, Anette, Annett, Nettie, Annetta, Annettchen], Antje, Anya [Aine, Inya, Ania, Anja, Aanya], Carla [Carly, Karla, Carlyn, Karlla, Carlyjo, Carlyse, Karlita, Carlreca, ..], Chana [Chani, Channa, Chanah, Chanach, Chaanah, Chaanach], Hannah [Nan, Hena, Hanny, Honna, Nanny, Hannie, Nanney, Nannie, ..], Hope [Esperance], Ioanna [Ioana, Joanna, Ioanah, Ioannah, Yohanna], Janae [Jenay, Jenai, Jinae, Jenee, Jennay, Jennae, Jinnea, Jennaya, ..], Kaylee [Kayli, Kaylei, Kayley, Kaylie, Kaylley, Kaylene, Kayleigh, Kaylleigh, ..], Kiana [Kiona, Kioni, Kiauna, Kianni, Quiana, Kionah, Kionna, Quianna, ..], Mari [Marilu, Marita, Marilee, Marilou, Marycruz, Marilena, Marilene, Marilisa, ..], Marian [Mariam, Marion, Maryann, Mariana, Mariane, Maryanne]

Markeisha [Markisha, Markesha, Markiesha], Milena [Mila, Mlada, Milada, Milana, Milanka, Mileena, Mladena, Miladena], Nan [Nanna, Ninon, Nanny, Nanon, Nettie, Nannie, Nanine, Nannette, ..], Nancy [Nann, Nanny, Nanice, Nanncy, Nannie, Nansee, Nansey, Nanncey, ..], Nanette [Ninon, Netty, Nanine, Nettie, Nannette], Nina [Nyna, Ninon, Ninoska, Ninetta, Ninette, Ninochka, Ninnette, Ninotchka, ..], Ninon [Ninette, Nynette], Priscilla [Prissy, Prisila, Prissie, Priscila, Prisilla, Prysilla, Priscylla, Prisciliana, ..], Rayann [Rayleen, Rayeann, Raycine, Raylene, Raylynn, Raynell, Raynesha, Raynisha, ..], Ryan [Rye, Rynn, Ryen, Ryann, Ryanna, Ryanne, Ryette, Ryenne, ..], Shawna [Siana, Sianna, Shonna, Shawnna, Shawnte, Shawntae, Shawntel, Shawntay, ..], Stephanie [Stesha, Stevey, Stevie, Steshka, Stevana, Stevena, Stevonna, Stevonne, ..], Sydney [Sydel, Sydni, Sidnie, Sidney, Sydnie, Sydnee, Sidnee, Sydelle, ..]