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Ansley - Tawny

Root fr. Old English language. "Hermitage field." Place name .. [Anslie, Anslea, Annslea, .. 3 more]

From Latin. "Field of oats."

Derivative of Scottish, Gaelic words. "Plain, field." Place name .. [Blayre, Blaire]

.. blessed, known as the "Elysian fields" .. [Ilyse, Elyse, Elisia, Aleeysia, .. 7 more]

Derived fr. Old English. "Cyneburg's field." Short form of Kimberly, used as an independent name since the mid 20 .. [Kymme, Kimmie, .. 6 more]

Root fr. Old English element. "Cyneburg's field." Place name and surname .. [Kymbrely, Kymberlie, Kymberley, Kym, Kimberli, Kimberley, .. 17 more]

.. the protectors of home and fields .. [Larra, Laramae, .. 4 more]

Derivative of Hebrew word. "Plowed field." [Nirit, .. 2 more]

.. actress Sally Field; astronaut Sally K .. [Sallyann, Saletta, .. 8 more]

Root fr. Irish, Old English elements. "A green field; golden brown." Also an English surname .. [Tawnya, Tawnia, .. 8 more]

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Summary Index of Field names [and variants] for girls.

1. Ansley - Tawny
Ansley [Anslie, Anslea, Annslea, Ansleigh, Annsleigh, Annesleigh], Avena, Blair [Blayre, Blaire], Elysia [Ilyse, Ilysa, Ilise, Elyse, Elise, Ilysia, Elisia, Ileesia, ..], Kim [Kym, Kimy, Kimm, Kymme, Kimmy, Kimme, Kimmie, Kimana], Kimberly [Kym, Kymbra, Kymbrely, Kymberly, Kymberlie, Kymberley, Kymberlee, Kymberleigh, ..], Lara [Larra, Larita, Larina, Larinda, Laramae, Laralaine], Nira [Nirit, Niran, Nirela], Sally [Sallie, Salley, Sallee, Saletta, Sallyann, Sallette, Salletta, Sallianne, ..], Tawny [Tawna, Tawni, Tawnya, Tawnie, Tawnia, Tawney, Tawnee, ..]