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Baby Names associated with Foreign for Girls

Foreign baby names and what they mean, for foreign.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Foreign names: Barbara, Eleanor, Ella, Elva, Elvina

Babe 1 .. Derived fr. Greek language. "Foreign." Outside Top 1000. See also Baba. Diminutive of Barbara ..

Babette 2 .. Based on French, Greek, Hebrew. "Foreign; God is my oath." Unusual. Compare Babette with common -tte last name Beyette (top 61%). See also Babbett. Diminutive of Barbara (Greek) ..

Barbara 3 .. Root fr. Latin word. "Foreign woman." Usage of Barbara, Babb, etc. as girls' names in 2014 was 65.2% more than a year ago. The adjective was originally applied to .. [Bab, Babb, Babbett, Babe, Babita, Babs, Barbera, Barbette, Barbi, Basha, .. 43 more]

Eleanor 4 .. Stems fr. Old French, Old German languages. "Other, foreign." Eleanorei, Elinnor and Elnor are kreatif variations. From an Old French respelling of .. [Aleanor, Allinor, Eileanoir, Eileen, El, Elaine, Elanor, Eleanora, Elen, Elena, .. 68 more]

Ella 5 .. Derivative of Old German word. "Other, foreign." Ella, Ela, Elli and Elly are popular as variations. Originally a short form of names .. [Alla, Elle, Ellee, Ellesse, Ellia, Elly, .. 8 more]

Elodie 6 .. Source fr. Old German element. "Foreign riches." Not that common as a birth name. .. from ali meaning "foreign", also found .. [Elodea, Helodea, .. 4 more]

Elva 7 .. .. for Elvira, which means "truly foreign". Outside Top 1000. [Ailbhe, Elvie, Elvy, .. 2 more]

Elvina 8 .. .. German name Elvira meaning "truly foreign". Alvina (top 27%), Vina (44%), Vinnie (53%), Elvie (60%) and Elvina (68%) are prevalent women's names. [Alveena, Alvine, Elvene, Elvi, Elvine, Elvinia, Vinni, .. 9 more]

Elvira 9 .. Based on Old German language. "Truly foreign." Listed in Top 1000. .. ali meaning "other, foreign", as in .. [Alvira, Ella, Elva, Elvera, Elvire, Elvyra, .. 7 more]

Giselle 10 .. .. up in a foreign court as .. Giza appears commonly (top 18%) as a last name. [Ghisele, Ghisella, Gisela, Gisele, Gisella, Gislog, Gizela, .. 8 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Foreign names: Elvira, Giselle, Luella, Rella

Luella 11 .. Derivative of Old English, Old German. "Other, foreign." Luella has waned in favor as a birth name since the 1880s. Blend of Louise and Ella .. [Loella, Lu, Luelle, Lulu, .. 3 more]

Rella 12 .. Root fr. Old German. "Other, foreign." Less used today. Rella was last listed in the 1890s in the Top 1000. See also Raula. Variant of Ella.

Varvara 13 Variant of Barbara (Greek) "foreign woman". Uncommon, with the favored androgynous-sounding -ra ending for Varvara like Valora. [Varenka, Varina, .. 5 more]

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Summary of Foreign names (and variants) for girls.

Babe - Varvara
Babe, Babette, Barbara [Bobby, Bonni, Bonny, Varina, Bonnie, Bobbie, Borbala, Varvara, ..], Eleanor [Nore, Nora, Nelly, Norah, Nelli, Nellie, Nonnie, Norina, ..], Ella [Elli, Elly, Ellia, Ellie, Ellina, Ellesse, Ellette, Elletta, ..], Elodie [Elody, Elodia, Elodea, Helodea, Helodia, Helodie], Elva [Elvy, Elfie, Elvia, Elvie, Ailbhe], Elvina [Elvi, Vina, Elvie, Vinni, Vinny, Elvine, Vinnie, Elvinia, ..], Elvira [Lira, Elvie, Elvera, Elvina, Elvire, Elvyra, Elwira, Elveera, ..], Giselle [Giza, Gisele, Gislog, Gizela, Gisella, Gislaug, Gizella, Gizelle, ..], Luella [Lu, Lou, Lula, Lulu, Loella, Luelle, Louella], Rella, Varvara [Vava, Vavka, Varka, Varya, Varina, Varenka, Varinka]