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Baby Names associated with Fourth for Girls

Fourth baby names and what they mean, for fourth.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Fourth names: Agnes, Anastasia, Annis, Beatrice, Candace

Abra 1 .. .. name of a fourth century French .. Unusual, but Abra, Abrah, Abrahana are comparable to common last name Abro (top 36%), which also begins with Abr-. [Abame, Abarrane, Abrahana, .. 1 more]

Agnes 2 .. .. popular Saint Agnes (fourth century) was .. Agnus, Annice and Ines are generally used as forms of Agnes. [Ag, Aggie, Aggy, Agi, Agnese, Agness, Agneta, Agnetta, Agnieszka, Agnolah, .. 65 more]

Anani 3 .. Derived fr. Akan. "Fourth born child." Not in Top 1000. See also Alani.

Anastasia 4 .. .. honor of a fourth century saint .. Anastasia, Ana, Anna, Anya and Asia are in the Top 1000. [Ana, Anastaise, Anastase, Anastasha, Anastashia, Anastasie, Anastassia, Anastatia, Anasztasia, Anestassia, .. 37 more]

Annis 5 .. .. name of a fourth century Thessalonian .. Annis and forms grew in popularity in 1993 and are now less widespread, with Anissa and Annis becoming less fashionable. [Anessa, Anysia, Anyssa, .. 5 more]

Aphra 6 .. name of a fourth century German .. Aphar, Aphraau and Auaphra are kreatif forms. [Affera, Afra, .. 1 more]

Arcadia 7 .. .. of two saints fourth and fifth .. Not in popularity charts. [Arcadie]

Arsenia 8 .. Saint Arsenius (fourth century) is famous .. Not much used as a girls' name. [Arcenia, Arsemia, .. 1 more]

Beatrice 9 .. .. Simplicius, in the early fourth century .. Beah, Beatie, Beatrica, Beatrisa and Beatriss are more exclusive as variations of Beatrice. [Bea, Beatie, Beatrica, Beatrisa, Beatriss, Beeatrisa, Trixie, .. 17 more]

Candace 10 .. .. queens before the fourth century, as .. Candace (top 8%), Candice (8%), Candy (13%), Candi (31%) and Kandice (40%) are conventional women's names. [Canda, Candas, Caddy, Candelle, Candie, Candiss, Candra, Dace, Dacia, Dacie, .. 19 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Fourth names: Catherine, Clementine, Delta, Eulalia, Euphemia, Fabiola

Cassia 11 .. .. name of a fourth century French .. Unusual. Cassia, like Cecilia, uses the feminine -ia ending. See also Cacia.

Catherine 12 .. .. Aikaterine of Alexandria (fourth century), who .. Catalina (+30), Kate and Caitlin are chic versions undergoing rekindling. [Cadi, Caitey, Caitie, Caitlin, Caitrin, Caitrine, Caitrinn, Cari, Caron, Carren, .. 202 more]

Clementine 13 .. .. Clementina in the fourth century AD .. Clemence and variants grew in popularity in the 1880s and are less popular today, with Clementine and Clemmie becoming less fashionable. [Clem, Clemence, Clementina, .. 10 more]

Cleopatra 14 .. .. name of a fourth century Palestinian .. Clea is found regularly (upper 58%) as a surname. [Clea, Cleonie, .. 5 more]

Cordula 15 .. .. A fourth century virgin saint of .. A quirky baby name. [Cordulla, Kordulla, .. 1 more]

Dacia 16 .. .. names from the fourth and sixth .. Unusual. Dacia, like Delphia, ends with -ia. [Daysha]

Delta 17 .. Fourth letter of the Greek alphabet .. Outside Top 1000. [Dellta]

Eulalia 18 .. .. of a celebrated fourth century Spanish .. Not in Top 1000. [Eula, Eulah, Eulaylia, Eulaylie, Olalla, .. 8 more]

Euphemia 19 .. .. name of a fourth century virgin .. Usage of Euphemia and variants as birth names in 2014 was up 0.4% compared to 2013. [Effam, Effie, Effy, Efimia, Efthymia, Ephie, Eufemia, Phemie, Yefim, .. 13 more]

Fabiola 20 .. .. Fabiola was a fourth century Italian .. Less common today. Fabiola was the version last recorded (2006) in the Top 1000. [Faviola]

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Summary of Fourth names (and variants) for girls.

Abra - Fabiola
Abra [Abame, Abrah, Abrahana, Abarrane], Agnes [Una, Ynes, Ynez, Unah, Oona, Senga, Oonah, Oonagh, ..], Anani, Anastasia [Tasa, Staz, Tasya, Tasia, Tasja, Taisie, Tasiya, Tasenka, ..], Annis [Annys, Annes, Anissa, Anessa, Annisa, Anysia, Anyssa, Annice], Aphra [Afra, Affera, Affery], Arcadia [Arcadie], Arsenia [Arcenia, Arsania, Arsemia], Beatrice [Trix, Trixy, Trixie, Beitris, Beeatrix, Beitriss, Beeatriss, Beeatrissa, ..], Candace [Dacy, Dacie, Kandy, Dacia, Kandice, Kandace, Kandiss, Kanticia, ..], Cassia, Catherine [Riona, Kitty, Trina, Trine, Kittie, Trinette, Yekaterin, Yekaterina, ..], Clementine [Clemmy, Clemmie, Clementyn, Clementya, Clementyna, Klementina, Klementyna, Klementijna, ..], Cleopatra [Clea, Cleo, Clio, Cleta, Cleone, Cleona, Cleonie], Cordula [Kordula, Cordulla, Kordulla], Dacia [Daysha], Delta [Dellta], Eulalia [Lal, Eulia, Lally, Olalla, Lallie, Eulaylia, Eulaylie, Evlaliya, ..], Euphemia [Fima, Yefim, Fanny, Phebe, Euphie, Phemie, Phoebe, Evfemiya, ..], Fabiola [Faviola]

Gaia - Valerie
Gaia [Gala, Gaea, Gaiea, Gaiana], Hilary [Hilary, Hilaria, Hilarie, Hillery, Hillary, Hilaire, Hilliary], Irene [Rena, Rene, Rina, Iryna, Orina, Oryna, Renie, Yarina, ..], Justine [Justy, Justie, Justene, Justina, Justinn, Justyne, Justyna, Justeene, ..], Kandace [Dacie, Kandy, Kandi, Kandee, Kandis, Kandiss, Kandyce, Kandice, ..], Katherine [Rina, Kitty, Trina, Trine, Trinette, Trinchen, Yekaterin, Yekaterina, ..], Lucy [Luz, Lucza, Lucita, Lucine, Lucyna, Lucyja, Luzija, Lusita, ..], Marcella [Maricel, Marquita, Marsella, Marselle, Marshella, Marsalina, Marsiella, Marsellonia, ..], Melanie [Melly, Meloni, Milena, Melony, Mellony, Melonie, Melonnie, Melloney, ..], Natalie [Natty, Talya, Talia, Tasha, Nattie, Tashie, Nettie, Nattilie, ..], Natalya [Natalia], Taisiya [Taya, Tasia, Tasya, Taisia, Tasiya, Taisie], Tessa [Tess, Teza, Tessy, Tessie, Tessia], Ursula [Ursy, Ursola, Ursule, Urszula, Urszuli, Ursuline, Ursulina, Ursulette, ..], Valerie [Valka, Valry, Vallie, Vallory, Valorie, Vallrie, Vallorey, Vallorie, ..]