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Fourth baby names and what they mean, for fourth.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Fourth names: Agnes, Anastasia, Annis, Beatrice, Candace

Abra 1 .. .. name of a fourth century French .. Not Top 1000 names. [Abame, Abarrane, Abrahana, .. 1 more]

Agnes 2 .. .. popular Saint Agnes (fourth century) was .. Not Top 1000 names. [Ag, Aggie, Aggy, Agi, Agnese, Agness, Agneta, Agnetta, Agnieszka, Agnolah, .. 65 more]

Anani 3 .. Derived fr. Akan. "Fourth born child." Not in Top 1000. See also Alani.

Anastasia 4 .. .. honor of a fourth century saint .. Anastasi (upper 13%) is a common surname similar to Anastasia (upper 16%), Ana (54%). [Ana, Anastaise, Anastase, Anastasha, Anastashia, Anastasie, Anastassia, Anastatia, Anasztasia, Anestassia, .. 37 more]

Annis 5 .. .. name of a fourth century Thessalonian .. A somewhat quaint birth name, Annis occurs more frequently as a surname. [Anessa, Anysia, Anyssa, .. 5 more]

Aphra 6 .. name of a fourth century German .. Afra and variants are rarely adopted as children's names. [Affera, Afra, .. 1 more]

Arcadia 7 .. .. of two saints fourth and fifth .. Arcadia and Arcadie are unique as baby names. [Arcadie]

Arsenia 8 .. Saint Arsenius (fourth century) is famous .. Arsenia, Arsemia, etc. are rarely adopted as children's names. [Arcenia, Arsemia, .. 1 more]

Beatrice 9 .. .. Simplicius, in the early fourth century .. Bea, Beatriz and Bee are common as variant forms of Beatrice. [Bea, Beatie, Beatrica, Beatrisa, Beatriss, Beeatrisa, Trixie, .. 17 more]

Candace 10 .. .. queens before the fourth century, as .. Outside Top 1000. [Canda, Candas, Caddy, Candelle, Candie, Candiss, Candra, Dace, Dacia, Dacie, .. 19 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Fourth names: Catherine, Clementine, Delta, Eulalia, Euphemia, Fabiola

Cassia 11 .. .. name of a fourth century French .. Not widespread. Cassia is not found in the US Demographics. See also Caysie.

Catherine 12 .. .. Aikaterine of Alexandria (fourth century), who .. Listed in Top 1000. [Cadi, Caitey, Caitie, Caitlin, Caitrin, Caitrine, Caitrinn, Cari, Caron, Carren, .. 202 more]

Clementine 13 .. .. Clementina in the fourth century AD .. Clementine is in the Top 1000. [Clem, Clemence, Clementina, .. 10 more]

Cleopatra 14 .. .. name of a fourth century Palestinian .. Clea, Cleona, Cleone, Cleonie and Clio are more unique as versions of Cleopatra. [Clea, Cleonie, .. 5 more]

Cordula 15 .. .. A fourth century virgin saint of .. A quirky baby name. [Cordulla, Kordulla, .. 1 more]

Dacia 16 .. .. names from the fourth and sixth .. Daysha is more exclusive as a variation of Dacia. [Daysha]

Delta 17 .. Fourth letter of the Greek alphabet .. Outside Top 1000. [Dellta]

Eulalia 18 .. .. of a celebrated fourth century Spanish .. Eulah and variants soared in popularity during 1900-1909 and have become less widespread, with Eula, Eulah and Eulalia becoming less in vogue. [Eula, Eulah, Eulaylia, Eulaylie, Olalla, .. 8 more]

Euphemia 19 .. .. name of a fourth century virgin .. Effam, Effemy, Effi, Effy and Efimia are more rarefied as versions of Euphemia. [Effam, Effie, Effy, Efimia, Efthymia, Ephie, Eufemia, Phemie, Yefim, .. 13 more]

Fabiola 20 .. .. Fabiola was a fourth century Italian .. Fabiofla, Fabioli and Febiola are kreatif variations. [Faviola]

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Summary of Fourth names (and variants) for girls.

Abra - Fabiola
Abra [Abame, Abrah, Abrahana, Abarrane], Agnes [Una, Ynes, Ynez, Unah, Oona, Senga, Oonah, Oonagh, ..], Anani, Anastasia [Tasa, Staz, Tasya, Tasia, Tasja, Taisie, Tasiya, Tasenka, ..], Annis [Annys, Annes, Anissa, Anessa, Annisa, Anysia, Anyssa, Annice], Aphra [Afra, Affera, Affery], Arcadia [Arcadie], Arsenia [Arcenia, Arsania, Arsemia], Beatrice [Trix, Trixy, Trixie, Beitris, Beeatrix, Beitriss, Beeatriss, Beeatrissa, ..], Candace [Dacy, Dacie, Kandy, Dacia, Kandice, Kandace, Kandiss, Kanticia, ..], Cassia, Catherine [Riona, Kitty, Trina, Trine, Kittie, Trinette, Yekaterin, Yekaterina, ..], Clementine [Clemmy, Clemmie, Clementyn, Clementya, Clementyna, Klementina, Klementyna, Klementijna, ..], Cleopatra [Clea, Cleo, Clio, Cleta, Cleone, Cleona, Cleonie], Cordula [Kordula, Cordulla, Kordulla], Dacia [Daysha], Delta [Dellta], Eulalia [Lal, Eulia, Lally, Olalla, Lallie, Eulaylia, Eulaylie, Evlaliya, ..], Euphemia [Fima, Yefim, Fanny, Phebe, Euphie, Phemie, Phoebe, Evfemiya, ..], Fabiola [Faviola]

Gaea - Valerie
Gaea [Gala, Gaia, Gaiea, Gaiana], Hilary [Hilary, Hilaria, Hilarie, Hillery, Hillary, Hilaire, Hilliary], Irene [Rena, Rene, Rina, Iryna, Orina, Oryna, Renie, Yarina, ..], Justine [Justy, Justie, Justene, Justina, Justinn, Justyne, Justyna, Justeene, ..], Kandace [Dacie, Kandy, Kandi, Kandee, Kandis, Kandiss, Kandyce, Kandice, ..], Katherine [Rina, Kitty, Trina, Trine, Trinette, Trinchen, Yekaterin, Yekaterina, ..], Lucy [Luz, Lucza, Lucita, Lucine, Lucyna, Lucyja, Luzija, Lusita, ..], Marcella [Maricel, Marquita, Marsella, Marselle, Marshella, Marsalina, Marsiella, Marsellonia, ..], Melanie [Melly, Meloni, Milena, Melony, Mellony, Melonie, Melonnie, Melloney, ..], Natalie [Natty, Talya, Talia, Tasha, Nattie, Tashie, Nettie, Nattilie, ..], Natalya [Natalia], Taisiya [Taya, Tasia, Tasya, Taisia, Tasiya, Taisie], Tessa [Tess, Teza, Tessy, Tessie, Tessia], Ursula [Ursy, Ursola, Ursule, Urszula, Urszuli, Ursuline, Ursulina, Ursulette, ..], Valerie [Valka, Valry, Vallie, Vallory, Valorie, Vallrie, Vallorey, Vallorie, ..]