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Georgia - Tallulah

"Farmer." .. Painter Georgia O'Keefe. [Jorgina, Georgine, Georgie, Georgianne, Georgiana, Georgi, Georgena, Georgina, Georgeanne, Georgeann, .. 14 more]

Diminutive of Georgia; feminine form of .. [Giorgina, Georjette, Georgianne, Georgianna, Georgi, Georgejean, Georgene, Georgeanne, .. 9 more]

Phonetic variant of Georgia. [Jorja]

.. and later, a town in Georgia.

The city of Savannah, Georgia. [Vanna, Sevanna, Savonne, Savonna, Savanha, Savana, .. 5 more]

.. not far from Georgia's Tallulah Falls .. [Tula, Talula, Tallula, .. 4 more]

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1. Georgia - Tallulah
Georgia [Georgy, Jorgina, Giorgia, Giorgyna, Giorgina, Georgyana, Georgyann, Georgyanne, ..], Georgina [Georgy, Georgie, Giorgina, Georgine, Georjette, Georgyana, Georgienne, Georgianne, ..], Jeorjia [Jorja], Macon, Savannah [Vanna, Sevanna, Savonne, Savonna, Savanna, Savanha, Savhanna, Savannha, ..], Tallulah [Tula, Tally, Talula, Tallie, Talley, Talulla, Tallula]