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Eugenia - Virginia

Feminine of Greek Eugenios or Latin .. [Jennie, Jeena, Gina, Gene, Evgenija, Evgenia, Eugenie, .. 9 more]

Variant of Gina made popular by ..

Possibly means "people, tribe, woman", from .. [Jenny, Jennie, Jenevieve, Janeva, Gina, Genny, Geneva, .. 12 more]

.. names ending in gina, such as .. [Jenna, Jena, Ginna, Ginette, Gena, Geina, .. 4 more]


Appeared at the end of the .. [Rionagh, Reyna, Reinetta, Reginna, Reginette, Regine, Gina, .. 14 more]

The name was originally spelled Verginia .. [Virgy, Virgenya, Jinia, Jenelle, Ginnie, Ginni, Ginia, Gingia, Ginger, Ginette, Gina, .. 27 more]

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1. Eugenia - Virginia
Eugenia [Gina, Gene, Jenna, Jeena, Janie, Genie, Genia, Jennie, ..], Geena, Genevieve [Gina, Jenny, Jennie, Janeva, Ginevra, Genoveva, Genovera, Jenevieve, ..], Gina [Gena, Jena, Jenna, Jeena, Ginna, Geina, Ginette, Genette], Jina [Gina], Regina [Rina, Riona, Reyna, Reine, Rejine, Rionagh, Reinette, Reinetta, ..], Virginia [Virgy, Virge, Virgie, Virgine, Virgina, Virginie, Virgenya, Virginnia, ..]