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Ginger - Virginia

"Pep, liveliness; ginger." .. Made famous by actress Ginger Rogers. [Jinger, Gingie, .. 2 more]

.. beer and lemonade or ginger ale .. [Shandie, Shandee, .. 3 more]

The name was originally spelled Verginia .. [Virgy, Virginnia, Virgenya, Virgena, Virge, Jinny, Jinjer, Jenella, Jenell, Ginni, Ginger, .. 27 more]

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1. Ginger - Virginia
Ginger [Jinger, Ginjer, Gingie, Gingee], Shandy [Shandie, Shandey, Shandee, Shandea, Shandeigh], Virginia [Virgy, Virge, Virgie, Virgine, Virgina, Virginie, Virgenya, Virginnia, ..]