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Abellona - Atalanta

Derived fr. Greek language. "Destroyer." Greek mythology: Apollo is the sun god .. ..

Root fr. Greek. "Extremely good looking." Greek mythology: Adonis was a young man so beautiful that Aphrodite, goddess of love, became enamored of him .. ..

Derived fr. Greek word. Mythology: the name of a nymph who was impregnated by Zeus .. Also one of the Greek islands close to the mainland. [Egina]

Based on Greek language. "Brilliance." Greek mythology: one of the Three Graces .. ..

Based on Greek word. "War-like." Greek mythology: the sister of Ares, the god of war..

Source fr. Greek language. Greek mythology: a sorceress who rules over a magical island .. .. [Alzina, Alsinia, Alsina, Alseena, .. 6 more]

Source fr. Greek. "Verity, truth." .. Mythology: goddess of truth. See also Althea. [Elithia, Alithea, Alette, Aletia, Alethia, Aletea, Aleta, .. 7 more]

Root fr. Greek. "Healing herb." .. Greek mythology: mother of Meleager. The name was revived in the 17th century by poet Richard Lovelace, as a poetic name for his beloved .. .. [Thea, Elthea, Althia, Althelia, Althaea, .. 4 more]

Derived fr. Greek element. Greek mythology: the name of the mountain goat that nursed the infant Zeus .. .. [Amaltheia]

From Greek element. "Leader of men." Greek mythology: an Ethiopian princess, the daughter of Cassiopeia, was chained to a rock as a sacrifice to a sea monster until Perseus rescued her .. ..

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Greek Mythology names: Alethea, Althea, Ariadne, Artemis

Based on Greek word. "Windflower." Greek mythology: the name of a nymph who was turned into a flower.. [Anneaymone, Annaymone, .. 1 more]

Stems fr. Greek element. Mythology: the daughter of Oedipus.

Derived fr. Greek. Latin feminine form of the Greek male name Apollonios, from Apollo .. Mythology: Apollo was the Greek god of sunlight, music, and poetry .. .. [Appolonia, Apollinia, Appoline, .. 7 more]

Stems fr. Greek word. Greek mythology: a young maiden who challenged the goddess Athena to a weaving contest and was turned into a spider for offending her .. .. [Archna, Arakne]

Origin fr. Greek language. Greek mythology: Arethusa was a nymph pursued by a river god, who was changed by Artemis into a stream to avoid a fate worse than death..

From Greek word. "Most holy." Mythology: Ariadne, daughter of Cretan king Minos, helped Theseus escape from the Cretan labyrinth .. [Aryanne, Aryanie, Aryana, Ariette, Ariane, .. 9 more]

Derivative of Greek. Mythology: name of the Greek goddess of the moon, of hunting, and of chastity, equivalent to the Romans' Diana .. .. [Artemisia, .. 1 more]

Root fr. Greek. Greek mythology: Asteria was a woman whom Zeus took a fancy to .. ..

Stems fr. Greek. The goddess of justice in classical mythology .. [Astraeia]

Stems fr. Greek language. "Secure, immovable." Greek mythology: Atalanta was an athletic young maiden huntress who refused to marry any man who couldn't beat her in a foot race .. .. In the end, she was defeated by a Greek warrior who used a ruse by dropping three golden apples he had obtained from the goddess Aphrodite .. [Atlante, .. 1 more]

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1. Abellona - Atalanta
Abellona, Adonia, Aegina [1], Aglaia, Alala, Alcina [10], Alethea [14], Althea [9], Amalthea [1], Andromeda, Anemone [3], Antigone, Apollonia [10], Arachne [2], Arethusa, Ariadne [14], Artemis [2], Asteria, Astraea [1], Atalanta [2]

Athena [6], Aura [6], Calista [25], Calliope [3], Calypso [3], Cassiopeia [3], Castalia [2], Celina [15], Ceres, Charis [27], Chloris [4], Circe, Clio [2], Cloris [1], Clymene, Clytie, Cora [58], Cybele [2], Cybil [1], Cynthia [52]

Cyrene [2], Danae [11], Daphne [13], Delia [2], Demetria [9], Destiny [8], Deyanira [7], Diana [34], Dionne [10], Doris [16], Echo [1], Electra [6], Elissa [21], Eris [4], Ersilia [5], Eudora [4], Euphrosyne, Eurydice [2], Evadne [3], Gaia [4]

Galatea [2], Grace [29], Halcyone [2], Harmony [5], Hebe, Helen [86], Hera, Hermione [6], Hero, Hersilia [5], Hestia, Hyacinth [22], Ianthe [4], Ida [2], Io [1], Iphigenia [7], Irene [28], Iris [6], Kalliope [1], Kora [35]

Leda [5], Leith [2], Letha [4], Maia [11], Marcella [24], Medea [5], Melissa [31], Minerva, Neda [3], Nereida [3], Nike [1], Niobe, Oceana [1], Olympia [6], Orfea [5], Pallas [3], Pandora [6], Paris [4], Parthenia [6], Parthenope

Penelope [8], Peri [3], Phaedra [7], Philomela [1], Phoebe [6], Phyllis [13], Pleiade, Psyche, Rhea [6], Selena [29], Semele [2], Sirena [5], Soraya [2], Terpsichore, Terra [5], Thalia [7], Thea [3], Themis [3], Thisbe, Titania [5]

Venus [4]