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Azucena - Zigana

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Gypsy names: Consuelo, Esmeralda, Jessenia

Azucena 1 .. .. name of the gypsy in Verdi's .. Outside Top 1000. [Asucena, Azusa, .. 5 more]

Consuelo 2 .. .. The heroine, a gypsy, became a .. Not Top 1000 names. [Chela, Chelo, Consolata, Consuela, .. 2 more]

Esmeralda 3 .. .. name of the gypsy girl loved .. Listed in Top 1000. [Em, Emmie, Emerald, Esmaralda, Esmaria, Esmerelda, Esmiralda, Lala, Marilda, .. 12 more]

Gitana 4 .. Stems fr. Spanish language. "Gypsy." Gitala, Gitata and Giutana are kreatif forms. [Gitane, Jeetanna, .. 1 more]

Gypsy 5 .. .. Romany was called "gypsy" because they .. Not in popularity charts. [Gipsee, .. 2 more]

Jessenia 6 .. .. popular by the Gypsy title character .. Uncommon, with the unusual -nia ending for Jessenia, Yessenia, etc. like Junia. [Jasenia, Jesenya, Yesenia, Yessenia, Yessenya, .. 1 more]

Llesenia 7 .. .. coined for the gypsy female lead .. Outside Top 1000.

Rawnie 8 .. An English Gypsy term. Unique, with the androgynous-sounding -nie ending like Renie. See also Ranee.

Tzigane 9 .. Derivative of Hungarian. "Gypsy." Rare, with the common -ne suffix for Tzigane, Tsigane like Talene. [Tsigana, Tsigane]

Zigana 10 .. Source fr. Hungarian language. "Gypsy." Rare. Zigana, Tsigana, Tzigana, like Zana, uses the -ana ending. [Tsigana, Tsigane, Tzigana, .. 2 more]

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Summary of Gypsy names (and variants) for girls.

Azucena - Zigana
Azucena [Azusa, Asusena, Asucena, Ayscena, Azuzena, Azusena, Azusayna], Consuelo [Chelo, Chela, Suelo, Connie, Consuela, Consolata], Esmeralda [Lala, Lolly, Ezzie, Marilda, Smeralda, Esmiralde, Ezmeralda, Esmirelda, ..], Gitana [Gitane, Gitanna, Jeetanna], Gypsy [Gipsy, Gipsee, Gipsey], Jessenia [Jesenia, Jasenia, Jesenya, Yesenia, Yessenia, Yessenya], Llesenia, Rawnie, Tzigane [Tsigana, Tsigane], Zigana [Tsigana, Tsigane, Tzigana, Tzigane, Ziganna]