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Araceli - Urania

Source fr. Latin. "Heavenly homemaker." Spanish name. [Aricelly, .. 7 more]

.. name symbolic of the heavenly Zion .. [Byulah, Beula, .. 3 more]

Root fr. Latin language. "Heavenly." Anglicized form of CÚleste (French) .. [Tinka, Tina, Silestyna, Silestia, Selestyne, Selestia, Seleste, Salestia, Saleste, Celinka, .. 36 more]

Stems fr. Latin, Italian words. "Divine, heavenly." Also variant of Davina (Hebrew) loved .. [Divinia, .. 2 more]

Place name from heofon .. [Heavenly, .. 1 more]

Based on Hawaiian element. "Heavenly lei; royal child of heaven." A "lei" is the familiar Hawaiian .. [Lalani]

Derived fr. Greek word. "Heavenly." Urania was one of the Greek .. [Uranya, Urainia, .. 3 more]

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1. Araceli - Urania
Araceli [Aracely, Arcelia, Arcilla, Ariceli, Aricela, Aracelia, Aracelis, Aricelly], Beulah [Bulah, Beula, Bewlah, Byulah, Beaulah], Celeste [Tina, Tinka, Silestia, Silestena, Silestyna, Silestyne, Silestina, Silestijna, ..], Divina [Devina, Divine, Divinia], Heaven [Haven, Heavenly], Leilani [Lalani], Urania [Uranya, Ourania, Ouranie, Urainia, Uraniya]