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Brunhilda - Hildegard

Heroine of the Siegfried legend made .. [Nilda, Hildie, Hilde, Brynnhilda, Brunilda, Brunnhilde, Brunhilde, .. 13 more]

From hild .. [Hylda, Hildy, Hildie, Hilde, Elda]

From hild gard .. [Hille, Hildegart, Hilde, Hilda, .. 7 more]

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Summary Index of Hilde names [and variants] for girls.

1. Brunhilda - Hildegard
Brunhilda [Nilda, Hildy, Hildi, Hilde, Hilda, Hildie, Brynnhilde, Brynnhilda, ..], Hilda [Elda, Hylda, Hildy, Hilde, Hildie], Hildegard [Hille, Hildy, Hilde, Hildegunn, Hildegart, Hildegard, Hildegaard, Hildagarde, ..]