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Baby Names associated with Honey for Girls

Honey baby names and what they mean, for honey.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Honey names: Melina, Melissa, Pamela

Honey 1 .. "Nectar." Honey (top 7%), like Horsey (top 12%), is a popular -ey suffix surname. See also Toney. May possibly be a diminutive of ..

Melina 2 .. Derivative of Greek. "Honey." Melina is popular as a variation. Mostly 18th century use .. [Malina, Meleena, Melibelle, Mellina, .. 4 more]

Melisande 3 .. .. form of Melissa (Greek) "bee; honey". Melisanme and Melisanne are kreatif forms. [Lisandra, Malissande, Melisandra, Mellisande, .. 8 more]

Melissa 4 .. Stems fr. Greek element. "honey." Melissa has become increasingly popular with parents since the 1910s. .. found out how to collect honey .. [Lisa, Mallissa, Mel, Melesa, Melicia, Melisa, Melisha, Mellie, Melly, Millie, .. 21 more]

Melita 5 .. Based on Greek word. "Honey sweet." Malitta and variants are not in the Top 1000. Also used as short form of .. [Malita, Melitta, Melyta, .. 2 more]

Mischa 6 .. Stems fr. Russian, Greek languages. "honey." Not in popularity charts. Cross-gender use. Variant of Melissa.

Pamela 7 .. Origin fr. Greek. "Honey; all sweetness." A somewhat uncommon birth name which exists fairly regularly as a surname. A poetic invention from the 16th .. [Pam, Pamalla, Pamelia, Pamelina, Pamelyn, Pammy, .. 11 more]

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Summary of Honey names (and variants) for girls.

Honey - Pamela
Honey, Melina [Malina, Melene, Mallina, Meleana, Meleena, Mellina, Melibelle, Melibella], Melisande [Melesande, Melysande, Melissande, Melisandre, Mellisande, Melisandra, Melissandre, Melyssandre, ..], Melissa [Missy, Milly, Millie, Missie, Molissa, Millisent, Millicent, Millissent, ..], Melita [Malita, Melyta, Melida, Melitta, Malitta], Mischa, Pamela [Pammy, Pammie, Pamella, Pamelyn, Pammela, Pamilla, Permelia, Pamelynne, ..]