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3 Imperial baby names and what they mean, for imperial.

Here is the list of King names for boys.

Based on Latin language. "Imperial." [Empress, .. 1 more]

.. Used in Imperial Rome and revived .. [Marcella, Marcene, Marciane, Marcile, Marcilyn, Marcilynn, Marcina, Marsha, Marseea, .. 14 more]

Popular in the Russian imperial family .. [Elga, Olenka, .. 3 more]

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Index of all Imperial names [and variants] for girls.

1. Imperia - Olga
Imperia [Empress, Imperatrix], Marcia [Marcy, Martia, Marsha, Marsia, Marcine, Marcita, Marseea, Marquita, ..], Olga [Ola, Elga, Olia, Helga, Olenka]