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Ine baby names and what they mean, with 3 results.

Chorine - Josephine

.. "dance", and the feminine diminutive ine.

.. Clement with the French ending ine .. [Klementyna, Clemmy, Clemmie, Clementyn, Clementina, .. 8 more]

.. Joseph with the diminutive suffix ine .. [Jozsa, Josy, Josianna, Josephyna, Josephene, Josephe, Josepha, Josefena, Josee, Josanne, .. 25 more]

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Summary Index of Ine names [and variants] for girls.

1. Chorine - Josephine
Chorine, Clementine [Clemmy, Clemmie, Clementyn, Clementya, Klementyna, Klementina, Clementyna, Klementijna, ..], Josephine [Josy, Jozsa, Josie, Josey, Josiane, Josette, Josianne, Josianna, ..]