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Bara - Miranda

Source fr. Hebrew, Arabic languages. "Innocent." [Barah, Barrie, .. 2 more]

.. is an example of innocent purity .. [Christabella, Christable, Christobel, Chrystabelle, Chrystobel, Cristabel, .. 8 more]

.. is the beautiful, innocent heroine, wrongly .. [Desmona]

.. for the beautiful, innocent Greek girl .. [Jaidee, .. 3 more]

.. Miranda is an innocent girl raised .. [Maranda, Mira, Mirra, Myrilla, Myrrilla, Randi, Randy, .. 11 more]

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1. Bara - Miranda
Bara [Bari, Barah, Barra, Barrie], Christabel [Cristabel, Crystabel, Cristabell, Chrystobel, Cristabella, Crystabella, Cristabelle, Chrystabelle, ..], Desdemona [Desmona], Haidee [Hadee, Hyday, Jaidee, Haydee], Miranda [Randy, Randi, Randa, Randie, Myranda, Myrella, Myrilla, Myrrilla, ..]