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Emma - Therma

.. as Ermintrude and Irma, from the .. [Ima, Emmylou, Emmott, Emmie, Emmette, Emmett, Emmalynn, Emeline, Em, .. 18 more]

Variant of Irma. Writer/humorist Erma .. [Hermione, Hermine, Hermia, Irma, Ermina, .. 5 more]

From erm(en) gard. [Irmingard, Irmgard, Irma, .. 2 more]

"Entire, universal." Short form of names containing irm .. [Irmgarde, Irmgard, .. 4 more]

.. a blend of Theresa and Irma .. [Thermia]

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1. Emma - Therma
Emma [Ima, Emmy, Emmi, Emmye, Emmot, Emmie, Emmott, Emmylou, ..], Erma [Irma, Hermia, Hermine, Irminie, Irminia, Erminie, Hermione, Herminie, ..], Ermengard [Irma, Irmgard, Ermgard, Irmingard, Irmengard], Irma [Erma, Irmine, Irmina, Irmgard, Irmgarde, Ermengard], Therma [Thermia]