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Adah - Susan

.. by American actress Adah Isaacs Mencken ..

.. there by God to sacrifice Isaac .. [Moraiah, Moraia]

.. the wife of Abraham's son, Isaac .. [Rivy, Rivi, Rivekka, Rheba, Reeba, Ree, Rebekka, Rebekha, Rebeha, Rebecka, .. 45 more]

.. Susan Cheever, Susan Isaacs; actresses Susan .. [Zsazsa, Zsuzsa, Zannie, Suzzanne, Suzon, Susy, Susie, Susi, Susette, Susanne, .. 57 more]

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Summary Index of Isaac names [and variants] for girls.

1. Adah - Susan
Adah, Moriah [Moraia, Moraiah], Rebecca [Rivy, Rivi, Riva, Rivka, Rivah, Rivkah, Rivekka, Rivalee, ..], Susan [Suzy, Zanne, Zanna, Suzon, Zsazsa, Zsuzsa, Zannie, Suzzanne, ..]