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Jackie - Jacquelyn

Diminutive and pet form of Jacqueline .. [Jacquie, Jacqui, Jacque, .. 6 more]

"He who supplants." .. First Lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis .. [Zhaqueline, Zhakelina, Jaquelyn, Jaquelin, Jaklyn, Jakleen, Jaculine, Jacquine, Jacquenette, Jacquelynn, .. 41 more]

Respelling of Jacqueline with the lyn .. [Jaclyn, .. 1 more]

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1. Jackie - Jacquelyn
Jackie [Jacki, Jacky, Jacqui, Jacque, Jackey, Jacquie, Jacquey, Jacquetta], Jacqueline [Jaquith, Zakelina, Jaquelyn, Zhakelina, Jaquelynn, Jaqueline, Zhaqueline, Zacqueline, ..], Jacquelyn [Jaclyn, Jacklyn]