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Jane - Janice

Originally a feminine form of John .. [Vanya, Shene, Joana, Jess, Jensine, Jensina, Jeniece, Jayni, Jany, Janney, Janis, .. 82 more]

.. Singer Janis Joplin. [Jennice, Jency, Janise, Janis, Janessia, Janessa, Janess, Janeece, .. 11 more]

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1. Jane - Janice
Jane [Vanya, Vania, Shene, Juana, Jonie, Sinead, Sheena, Juanita, ..], Janice [Jency, Jenise, Jenice, Janyce, Jannis, Jennice, Jeniece, Jannice, ..]