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Janelle - Virginia

Modern elaborated form of Jane, with .. [Jonelle, Johnelle, Jinella, Jenell, Jannelle, Janelba, .. 10 more]

Diminutive form of Jeanne. [Jennelle, Jenelle, Jenell, Jeannelle, .. 4 more]

The name was originally spelled Verginia .. [Virgy, Virgine, Jenella, Jenell, Ginny, Gingia, Genia, .. 31 more]

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1. Janelle - Virginia
Janelle [Jenell, Jenelle, Jonelle, Jinella, Jinelle, Janielle, Johnelle, Jannelle, ..], Jeanelle [Jenell, Janelle, Jenella, Jenneil, Jenelle, Jeannell, Jennelle, Jeannelle], Virginia [Virgy, Virge, Virgie, Virgina, Virgine, Virginie, Virgenya, Virginnia, ..]