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Decca - Yessica

.. the journalist sister Jessica, and as .. [Deka, Decka]

.. used as a variant of Jessica. [Yessenya, Yessenia, Yesenia, Jesenia, .. 2 more]

"He sees." .. Singer Jessica Simpson; actresses Jessica Lange .. [Yessica, Jezika, Jezeca, Jesyka, Jessy, Jessicka, Jessey, Jesscia, Jessca, Jessamyn, .. 31 more]

Pet form of Jessica, also recorded .. [Jeziree, Jessy, Jesslynn, Jessina, Jessana, Jessamae, Jessalynn, .. 13 more]

.. Sarah Siddons, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sarah .. [Zarita, Zaria, Sydel, Sorcha, Sarolta, Sarka, Sarina, Sarika, Sarie, Sarely, .. 56 more]

.. Actresses Jessica Tandy, Thandie Newton. [Thandy, Tandee, .. 4 more]

Variant of Jessica. [Yessika, .. 1 more]

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1. Decca - Yessica
Decca [Deka, Decka], Jessenia [Yesenia, Jesenya, Jesenia, Jasenia, Yessenya, Yessenia], Jessica [Jezika, Jezyca, Jezica, Yessica, Tessica, Jyssika, Tjessica, Lajessica, ..], Jessie [Jessy, Jessi, Jessye, Jeziree, Jesslyn, Jessina, Jesslynn, Jessilyn, ..], Sarah [Zara, Zaria, Zarah, Zahra, Sydel, Zarita, Sorcha, Sydelle, ..], Tandy [Thandy, Tandie, Tandee, Thandie, Thandey, Thandee], Yessica [Yessika, Yesseca]