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Giulia - Julissa

[Juliane, Julietta, Julie, Julia, Giuliana, Giula, .. 12 more]

Feminine of Julius .. [Yuliya, Yulia, Julyette, Julissa, Juline, Julina, Julie, Juliann, Juliaetta, Juley, .. 33 more]

.. also Julian, Gillian, Jillian, and Julie .. [Julieanne, Julieanna, Julieann, Julianna, Giuliana, .. 3 more]

"Youthful; Jove's child." .. in this 1888 tragedy "Miss Julie" .. [Jully, Juley, Julee, .. 6 more]

Contemporary blend of Julie and Alissa. [Julyssa, Julisha, Julisa]

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1. Giulia - Julissa
Giulia [Julie, Jullia, Juliet, Juliane, Juliana, Julliana, Juliette, Julietta, ..], Julia [Yulia, Yuliya, Julyne, Julyet, Julyana, Julyette, Julyetta, Julyanna, ..], Juliana [Juliane, Juliann, Julieann, Julianne, Julianna, Giuliana, Julieanne, Julieanna], Julie [July, Jully, Juley, Julee, Jullie, Jullee, Joolie, Julienne], Julissa [Julisa, Julyssa, Julisha]