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Karlyn baby names and what they mean, for karlyn.

pinCarlene - Karleen

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Karlyn names: Carlene

Carlene 1 .. Carlene and Carline are feminine form .. Common. Compare Carlene, Carline (21%), etc. and popular last name Carmone (upper 94%), with the Car- prefix. [Carlaena, Karleen, Karlyn, Karlynn, .. 13 more]

Karleen 2 .. Diminutive form of Karla .. Karlene (upper 46%), Karleen (66%) and Karlyn (91%) are commonplace first names, whereas Karlen, Karlin, Karlina and Karline are infrequently used. [Karlen, Karlene, Karlin, Karlina, Karline, Karlyn]

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Summary of Karlyn names (and variants) for girls.

Carlene - Karleen
Carlene [Karlen, Karlin, Karlyn, Karleen, Karlena, Karlene, Karlynn, Karlina, ..], Karleen [Karlin, Karlyn, Karlen, Karlene, Karlina, Karline]