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Kayleigh baby names and what they mean, with 3 results.

Cayla - Kaylee

From Caoilainn .. [Kayley, Kayleigh, Kaleigh, Caylie, Cayley, Caylee, Caley, Caleigh, Caileigh, .. 13 more]

.. It sounds like Kayleigh. [Keilidh]

From Caollaidhe .. [Kaylley, Kaylie, Kayleigh, Kayleen, Kaley, Kaili, Kailey, Kailee, Kaeley, Kaelee, .. 17 more]

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1. Cayla - Kaylee
Cayla [Kayla, Kayley, Kaylee, Kailie, Kailey, Kaleigh, Kayleigh, Kaileigh, ..], Ceilidh [Keilidh], Kaylee [Kayli, Kaylie, Kayley, Kaylei, Kaylley, Kaylene, Kayleigh, Kaylleigh, ..]