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Christina - Kristine

Simplified form of Christiana, feminine of .. [Tiny, Tine, Teena, Krystyna, Krystka, Krystina, Krysta, Kristine, Kristi, Kristel, Kirsten, .. 106 more]

.. See also Kirsten. [Kristina, Khrystyn, Khrystina, .. 8 more]

Nickname of Kirsten and Kirstin.

"Follower of Christ." .. Actresses Kirstie Alley, Kirsten Dunst. [Kyrstin, Kristyn, Kirstynn, Kirsti, Kierstynn, Kerstin, Kersten, .. 13 more]

Combined form of Kirsten and Kristina .. [Krystynn, Krysta, Krysia, Krisztina, Kristyna, Kristyn, Kristine, Kristelle, Kristan, Khristin, .. 14 more]

See also Kirsten, Krista, and Kristen. [Krystine, Kristian, .. 3 more]

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1. Christina - Kristine
Christina [Tiny, Tine, Tina, Tinah, Teyna, Teena, Stina, Tineke, ..], Khristina [Kristina, Khrystyn, Khrystyne, Khrystyna, Khrystina, Khristyna, Khristine, Khristyana, ..], Kirsi, Kirsten [Kirsty, Kyrstin, Kristyn, Kirstyn, Kirstin, Kjerstin, Kirstynn, Kirstine, ..], Kristen [Krysia, Krysta, Krystyn, Krystin, Krysten, Krystynn, Krystyna, Krisztina, ..], Kristine [Krystine, Krystyne, Kristina, Kristian, Kristeen]