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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Last names: Anastasia, Cora, Kora, Logan, Nydia, Zita

Alix 1 .. .. Alexandra, last Empress of Russia, was .. Alixaee and Alixxie are kreatif variations. [Alex, Alexa, Alissandrine, .. 4 more]

Anastasia 2 .. .. Nicholas II, the last Russian czar .. Anastasio (top 11%) is a common last name similar to Anastasia (top 16%). [Ana, Anastacia, Anastasha, Anastasija, Anastatia, Anasztasia, Anna, Anstass, Anstice, Nastasia, .. 37 more]

Calpurnia 3 .. .. of Julius Caesar's last wife, who .. Calpurnia was not a Top birth name in 2014.

Cora 4 .. .. heroine in The Last of the .. Common, with the -ra suffix for Cora, Kora like Cira. [Corabel, Corabelle, Coralyn, Corene, Coretta, Corey, Cori, Corie, Corilla, Corinne, .. 48 more]

Kora 5 .. .. Cooper in The Last of the .. Korey and forms rose in popularity during 1880-1889 and have remained popular, but with Corrie, Cori and Corey becoming less trendy. [Cora, Corabelle, Cori, Corry, Korena, Korenda, Korilla, Korina, Korinna, Korinne, .. 25 more]

Logan 6 .. .. called by her last name rather .. Logan (+36) is a contemporarily stylish version. [Logann]

Monet 7 Use of the last name of .. Unique. Monet (cf. Mariet) has the androgynous-sounding -et suffix. [Monay, Mone]

Nordica 8 .. .. equipment, and the last name of .. Scarcely used as a baby name. [Norda]

Nydia 9 .. .. Lytton's novel The Last Days of .. Outside Top 1000. [Needia, .. 1 more]

Omega 10 .. The last letter in the Greek .. Omega is frequently occurring (top 71%) as a women's name, and exists regularly (top 53%) as a surname.

Quincey 11 .. Last name of a prominent Massachusetts .. Quincey and variants are not often adopted as birth names. [Quinci, Quinsy, .. 2 more]

Ramsay 12 .. .. was originally a last name common .. Ramsay (upper 3%) and Ramsey (1%) appear commonly as last names. [Ramsey]

Soraya 13 .. .. wife of the last Shah of .. Uncommon. Soraya, like Sheraya, has the unusual -aya ending. [Soreeyah, .. 1 more]

Zita 14 .. .. name of the last Hapsburg empress. Not in popularity charts. [Zeeta, .. 1 more]

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Summary of Last names (and variants) for girls.

Alix - Zita
Alix [Alex, Alexa, Aliki, Alexis, Lissandre, Alissandre, Alissandrine], Anastasia [Tasa, Staz, Tasya, Tasia, Tasja, Taisie, Tasiya, Tasenka, ..], Calpurnia, Cora [Korry, Korrie, Korina, Koryne, Koryssa, Korinne, Korynna, Lacoria, ..], Kora [Korina, Korinne, Korinna, Korissa, Korrina, Korynna, Korrine, Koryssa, ..], Logan [Logann], Monet [Mone, Monay], Nordica [Norda], Nydia [Nidia, Needia], Omega, Quincey [Quinci, Quincy, Quinsy, Quincie], Ramsay [Ramsey], Soraya [Subaru, Soreeyah], Zita [Zyta, Zeeta]