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Laura - Lorraine

"The bay, or laurel plant." .. addressed his sonnets to a Laura .. [Lory, Lorie, Lorenza, Lorene, Loren, Lora, Lawra, Laurnea, Laurie, Lauricia, .. 49 more]

Nature name related to Laura. [Lorelle, Laurelle, Lauralle, .. 5 more]

.. of Lawrence or variant of Laura .. [L'Wren, Loren, Lourence, Lorne, Lorin, Lorenza, Lorena, Laurence, Larsine, Larentia, .. 23 more]

Variant of Laura. This was the .. [Lowra, Lorree, Lorra, Lorinda, Loribelle, Lori, Loreanna, Loranna, .. 9 more]

Variant of Laura or Laurel. [Lowrelle, .. 2 more]

Variant of Laura or Lora. [Lorrina, Lorraine, Lorenna, .. 4 more]

Diminutive of Laura or Lora. This .. [Lowretta, Lorretta, Lauretta, Larretta, Laretta, .. 4 more]

.. diminutive of Laura. [Loris, Lorinda, Loriel, Loriann, Loree, .. 7 more]

.. possibly derived from Laura (Latin) "laurel" .. [Lorrayne, Lorayne, Loraine, Lorain, Laurraine, Larayne, Laraine, .. 6 more]

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1. Laura - Lorraine
Laura [Lory, Lorry, Lorri, Lorna, Lorrie, Lorita, Lorrette, Lorretta, ..], Laurel [Lorel, Laural, Lorelle, Loralle, Lauriel, Laurell, Laurelle, Lauralle], Lauren [Loren, L'Wren, Lowran, Lowrynn, Lowrenn, Lorrynn, Lourence, Lourenca, ..], Lora [Lory, Lowra, Lorra, Lorrie, Lorree, Lorrae, Lorita, Lorinda, ..], Lorelle [Lowrelle, Lorrella, Laurelle], Lorena [Loreen, Lorene, Lorrina, Lorenna, Lorenia, Loreene, Lorraine], Loretta [Loreta, Lorette, Leretta, Lowretta, Lorretta, Laurette, Lauretta, Larretta], Lori [Loris, Lorri, Loriel, Lorinda, Lorilee, Loriann, Lorilynn, Lorianne, ..], Lorraine [Lori, Lorine, Lorain, Lorayne, Loraine, Loraina, Lorrayne, Lorraina, ..]