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Dylana - Loren

.. Entrepreneur Dylan Lauren. [Dyllan, Dylan, Dillon, .. 2 more]

In classical times, a crown was .. [Lory, Lorita, Lori, Lawra, Laurnea, Laurine, Laurinda, Laurie, Laurice, Lauriane, Lauren, .. 48 more]

"The bay, or laurel plant." .. made popular by Lauren Bacall in .. [L'Wren, Lowrynn, Lowrenn, Loren, Lourenca, Lorrynn, Lorrin, Lorne, Lorin, Lorenza, .. 23 more]

See also Lauren and Lorna. [Loryn, Lorryn, Lorren, .. 2 more]

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1. Dylana - Loren
Dylana [Dylan, Dyllan, Dylane, Dillon, Dillan], Laura [Lory, Lorry, Lorri, Lorna, Lorrie, Lorita, Lorrette, Lorretta, ..], Lauren [Loren, L'Wren, Lowran, Lowrynn, Lowrenn, Lorrynn, Lourence, Lourenca, ..], Loren [Loryn, Lorin, Lorryn, Lorrin, Lorren]