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Leona - Loni

"Lion." .. The notoriety of Leona Helmsey has .. [Leowna, Leontine, Leola, Leeowna, .. 7 more]

.. more popular in Europe than Leona .. [Leontine, Leonine, Leoni, Leone, .. 6 more]

.. "oak tree" or Leona Latin "lion" .. [Lonnie, .. 5 more]

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1. Leona - Loni
Leona [Leone, Leola, Leowna, Leonie, Leonia, Leontyne, Leontine, Leonelle, ..], Leonie [Leoni, Leone, Leonie, Leonine, Leonela, Leontine, Leonline, Leondrea, ..], Loni [Lona, Lonni, Lonna, Lonie, Lonee, Lonnie]