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Lakeisha - Tisha

.. rhyming variants of Leticia or from .. [Lekisha, Lekeesha, Laquisha, Lakitia, Lakiesha, Lakeysha, Lakeshia, Lakesha, .. 6 more]

A modern variant of the medieval .. [Lettisha, Letisha, Leticia, Laticia, .. 5 more]

Latin form of the name, of .. [Tisha, Lettitia, Lettice, Leticja, Leticia, Letha, Leta, Leda, Latisha, .. 12 more]

Short form of Leticia or Latisha. [Tyesha, Tiesha]

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1. Lakeisha - Tisha
Lakeisha [Lekisha, Lakitia, Lakisha, Lakicia, Lekeisha, Lekeesha, Laquisha, Lakiesha, ..], Latisha [Letitia, Letisha, Leticia, Latitia, Laticia, Latesha, Lettisha, Letticia], Letitia [Tish, Tisha, Letty, Letta, Lettie, Letycja, Lettice, Lettitia, ..], Tisha [Tyesha, Tiesha]