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Letty baby names and what they mean, with 2 results.

Aleta - Letitia

Also variant of Alethea. [Aletta, Ellette, Letty, .. 7 more]

Latin form of the name, of .. [Laetitia, Laetizia, Latisha, Letice, Leticia, Letta, Lettitia, Letty, Tisha, .. 12 more]

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1. Aleta - Letitia
Aleta [Letty, Eletta, Lettee, Lettie, Alletta, Allette, Ellette, Elletta, ..], Letitia [Tish, Letta, Tisha, Letty, Lettie, Letycja, Lettice, Lettitia, ..]